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Monday, March 20, 2006



Pkdesiger's collection: cute. That's what it was...cute. Pkd did herself proud. Frankly, I was especially pleased with her work and to the performance, because seeing her Frozen Sun challenge filled me with serious doubts. The collection worked a weird way.

worked this collection. It was unique, with each peice resembling a different time period. One of my favorites was the 2nd to last...the ombred blue satin dress! Ah! Pure beauty! His collection was beautiful. Her point of view was palpable. I saw color, fabrics, textures, layers and colors. And more colors. She went wild and led us through with an buisness suit begining with a splash of 80's and then led us to and elegant finish. I was interested, because I could see that she wasn’t playing it safe. The designs, the colorful palette, the disparate feel of each look could have easily said, "This isn’t a collection." But adriannuk's layering of pieces within looks and her ability to nuance and tether brought cohesion to the clothes.

Lashanathao's collection: was superb. The construction was there and it was very cohesive. The designs all flowed from one to another and you could mix and match ANY peice in the collection. I fell in love with her concept, her textiles and color story, but on the 17th for the first time in our relationship I was seriously concerned about the ticking of the clock… When I saw her collection, Lashanathao totally wowed me, beyond even my high expectations of her. Evne though they were not colored, the sophistication of the collection was so beautifully evident. Her construction was couture worthy, intricate and magnificent to behold. The decision could have gone either way; that is, adriannuk or Lashana. Each delivered a stunning outcome. So as I say this I congratulate Lashanathao on winning Project Designer Cycle 2, and you get the interview with: and possibly: Again, congrats!Look out for Cycle 3!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Design Topic 8: Frozen Sun

The winner of this challenge was Lashanathao. She used an adorable peach print with black lace and the buttons! Oh the butttons! How creative! This could be worn casually at home, or for its purpose, the garden party. Lashanathao, bring it on in your collection girl. adriannauk made a frilly, girly, yet sophisicated dress for the garden party. The use of velvet and chiffon gave it texture and the corset was genius...even though the wearer might have a difficult time sitting at the table! This design was too much. The denim dress with the tulle was overwhelming...not in a good way.. As ZebraSkin44 stated: I just don't like the hard and soft fabrication cuz the hard...overpowers the soft and the elegance is lost. And be very lucky you are in, because if SM had turned in her design, knowing her skills...this would have been OUT. And for you to win this...your collection must rock the house...along with your drawing skills.

OUT: SomethingMinty. Disclaimer: I loved your work and knowing you, you would have been in for the final three. SO....I will allow you to create a collection to be judged and although you will not win, we still belive you have what it takes. This is an option. You don't have to take it.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Design Topic 7: Skating on Thin Ice

The winner of this challenge was Lashanathao. The simplicity of the design served as a foil for his fabulous fabric: a sequined stretch charmuse if I am right. The look was dynamic, yet delicate. Lashana has a high taste level and understands the power of restraint. LT, way to stay true to your strengths! I was too distracted by her poor construction (I'm being kind) to even consider her design intentions, said "ugh!" to me. While it's true that SomethingMinty revels in breaking design rules, when I see some of her outcomes I'm reminded of why there are rules... As usual, adriannauk created a beautiful design on a beautiful silouette, and as I stated in the design topic, you could go a little crazt. While other played it more safe, The layers of chiffon and the jettisoned violet fabric in diagonal rows screamed YAY! While Pkdesigner's drawing skills are not up to "par" her design skills most certainly are. She created a beautiful, youthful outfit with a plunging neckline and short skirt. In another designer's hands, the look could have been vulgar, but in Pkd's it was sexy, youthful, and fun. What a superb showing by Pkd.

OUT: I was, and still remain, totally baffled by HalaS's solution to this challenge. The matter of the client aside, his design was hideous and very poorly made. (Believe me; you can have one without the other.) I told her time and time again her looks were vulgar, and the high slit...Hala is talented and capable. In all honesty, it looked to me as though she wanted to take herself down with this challenge. What other excuse could there be?

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Design Topic 6: B-A-N-A-N-A-S

The winner of this challenge was Adriannauk. The design was elegant and beautifuly illustrated. The pose was great and the satin fabrications were fabulous. The draped back of the dress was unique and the colors were the bomb! Congrats!

OUT: jadexx We were stunned by this design, but for all the wrong reasons. Admittedly, jadexx's work has been exuberant and over-the-top, but I was fully expecting that she would tailor that point of view for Gwen Stefani. Frankly, the hot pink textured fabric that served as the mainstay of the design was exuberant enough. Add to that the fishnet and diamond collar and we were confronted with "a hot mess".

SomethingMinty: SM had a proud showing. ier charcoal jersey dress was diademed, thereby giving it a depth, richness, and understated elegance. That given, the design itself impressed me with two innovations: pieced, bias cut inserts comprising the skirt and an open weave of maron ribbons constituting the top's straps. I loved that her "basic" silhouette was anything but.

lashanathao: We were a little suprised with the fabrication choices. The plaid on the dress was HORENDUS! What were you thinking? (No offense.) The lemon colored leather was over uesd. We were worried about this design. We want our lashanathao back! WAAA!

Pkdesigner: The fabric choices were great (what origanality) and the cuts were SO Gwen. The jewlery was a bit...over the top and expensive looking for Gwen...but all in all the design was impressive and complete. the overall look exuded classic elegance, not costume. Pkd, this was a clear contender for the win.

HalaS: The design was definatly bold! The fabrics were exquisite and you took risks...which payed off in your favor this time. A definate improvment...but maybe vulgarity is your statment because the bust was a little...small. Even for Gwen. The look was dynamic, yet delicate.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Design Topic 5: Makeover

A monochromatic selection of fabrics won this challenge by SomethingMinty. The design was taken from last year's winner: melancholycreations. The draping was gorgeous and the colrs were exqisite. This topped off a multi-layered asymmetrical skirt, the layers providing movement and volume. Great showing.

Addrianauk: A real let down. The design choice wasn't that great, and the exicution: horrible. She looked like Xena on fire (and not in a good way). After her last win this was really pitiful.

Pkdesigner: This was a contender for the win the deisgn was fabulous and the flower placements: exqisute. We were proud!

HalaS: The design was a little dowdy; you should spice up your designs with a little color. The foldings were fabulous and the placements of fabric were great. Just a little on the dowdy side. Very safe.

Jadexx: The design was coll very jade, but the This was horendus! Who did this to your fabulous design??? EMILY! KILL HER! Your her point of view is definitely strong and consistent; when I stepped back and looked at it, all I could see was a post-apocalyptic warrier.

Lashanathao: This was a CLOSE winner. The design was sleek beautiful and it was created from a rather compliacted design. Rather hard to do. I comment Lashana for creating a beautiful design very tastefuly.

ChocolateCello: OUT

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Design Topic 4: It's A Girl

Well as my computer would not let me save the winner's creation on my computer, therefore not letting me post the picture up on the website...i must result in the winner not reciving as much glorifacation. The winner was: adriannauk The design was sexy, origanal, and very wearable. The chiffon was an excellent fabric choice. The dress was, indeed, stunning.

lashanathao: So cute was this design. The screening on this design was impecable! It was undeniably beautiful. The shorts were exerberant with the acid wash and even Heidi Klum would look fabulous in this!!! A contender for the win.

HalaS: A winner before...but was almost out. This was vulgar, and even the MOST pregnat woman wouldn't wear this. The top was vulgar BUT the fabrications were exquisite. If the waist were higher and the chest more would have been FABULOUS!

jadexx: This design was also vulgar. WHO exposes their belly like that? Much let alone a pregnat mother??? The fabrications again: fabulous, but if the belly would be would have been fine.

Pkdesigner: It looked sort of like an old grandma would wear this...but it's cute. Without the jacket it would be GREAT! We are definatly seeing you pop!!!

SomethingMinty: IN.

ChocolateChello: IN.

Ringquelle: OUT.

Next time i expect everything to be on time, because as "ZebrASkin44" stated, "They are just making it to the next round by luck..." you guys NEED to turn in your designs. Next time ANYONe who turns it in late will be ELIMANATED.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Design Topic 3: Rock n' Roll Princess

lashanathao: The winner...lashanathao!!! WOOP! The rushing on the stomach is great and the colros are fabulous. The fabrication comes together well and it is accesorized very lovely.

The remaining designers are:

SomethingMinty: The design was very basic the colors were okay, but the only rock edge that we saw in it were the buttons. It was very ho hum.

Ringquelle: a contender for the win. The design was fabulous and the fabrications...exquisite. The sleaves added a tough which kept it from being doudy.

ChocolateCello: This design was also very ho hum and looked rushed. The corset was the only fabulous thing on could use some work.

adriannuak: We like the arm socks (they are called arm warmers) and the writing on the jean skirt. The back of it..ah...fabulous! The shoes are to die for and the stockings add a real nice touch.

Pkdesigner: Another contender for the win. This also looks rushed, but the design is exquisite. It's rather gothy which is sort of what we were looking for. All in's pretty impressive.
HalaS: It is sort of vulgar with the boob...but it's cute we think. The pattern on the trouser is good looking, and the neck thing (what is that) is kind of creepy, yet fabulous at the same time...hum...
jadexx: The design is very goth which mostly everyone had done...but origanal in it's own way. The jacket is cool with the iron-on things. We would have liked to see some more "girl-appeal" in the design, but a solid showing.


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